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Structural alterations

Compton, near Newbury

The customer wanted to open up the ground floor to produce a new larger kitchen and dining area.. L K Property Services fitted new structural steel work in the ceiling and removed two internal walls.

Structural steelwork


A large 280 Kg section of steel is fitted on this rear extension which will in turn support the new bedroom and bathroom floors.


This photo shows how we use structural steel work to support floor joists where the span is too long for timber joists alone.


Steel work is being used as part of the large roof structure on this extension to help take the weight of the new roof.


The steel work in this photo is in preparation for the first floor joists been fitted on a cottage extension / renovation.

Compton shop

A total of six sections of steelwork were fitted interlocking each other and are above the shop ceiling supporting the first floor.

Peasmore, Newbury

A wall was removed opening up the kitchen into the living room and the new steel work had to support the existing 200 year old oak beam.